The automotive sector is a very fast and powerful industry supporting impressive R&D operations involving a large number of technologies. It has close links with other sectors and supports their development and is also the most important supporter of defense and aviation sectors. Due to its competitive structure and the fact that it has a large number of technologies, it is very important because of its features such as supporting research, development and technology activities.

National and international congresses are very important in terms of the discussion of science and technological developments and for the emergence of new ideas. The congresses contribute to the development of research and technology development activities in the automotive sector by bringing together people and organizations related to the automotive sector and by allowing the exchange of information between these individuals and organizations.  The OTEKON Congress is an ideal environment for sharing and discussing the technological developments and applications for the automotive industry.

We are pleased to invite you to join to OTEKON 2018, the International Conference on Automotive Technologies.  The conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel from 7th to 8th May, 2018, in Bursa, Türkiye. OTEKON 2018 will be organized by Automotive Engineering Department of Engineering Faculty at Uludag University. OTEKON 2018 will represent the continuation in a series of conferences, which was held in every two years that aim to promote the research and education to solve the current and future challenges in vehicle design, manufacturing and mobility by dissemination of recent developments, significant applications and research results in automotive industry.

The first Automotive Technologies Congress (OTEKON2002) was organized in Bursa in 2002 as a meeting through which progress in vehicle research and technology development are presented and discussed by participants from universities, research institutes, government and industry. After following the success of the first conference (OTEKON2002), subsequent seven OTEKON Conferences were held in every two years in Bursa. All of the previous eight OTEKON Conferences were held as National Conferences. But, OTEKON2018 will be held as International Conference with international participations. The main topics of the International Conference on which papers will be submitted are given in www.otekon.org web site. We invite authors to take part in OTEKON 2018 to present their research works based on the main topics and conference theme, ‘Future of mobility and sustainable transportation : Vehicle Design and Manufacturing’.

Bursa is the city of one of Turkey's leading automotive industry region where FIAT, RENAULT, BOSCH etc. are major production factories in Bursa. FORD, TOYOTA, HYUNDAI etc. are also automotive production factories in the near region of Bursa. There are also several automotive related suppliers in Bursa and near region. Bursa is the city which is also known for its rich history and culture.

OTEKON congresses provide an ideal environment for participants to share and discuss the latest technological developments and applications in the automotive and related sectors. In order to share and contribute to the latest technological developments in the field of automotive and to shape the transportation systems of the future, we invite academicians and industry employees to participate in the 9th International Congress of Automotive Technologies - OTEKON2018.

Congress Chair  
Prof. Dr. Ferruh Öztürk 
Department of Automotive Engineering
Uludağ University