General Information

Congress Date and Place
The Congress will be held in Bursa between the 09 - 10 April 2020.

Stand Areas
During the congress, the stand area consisting of the companies in the sector will be open to the public. 

Congress Book
Full texts of the papers to be presented at the congress will be included in the congress book and it will be available on the OTEKON2020 web page and it will be downloaded free of charge. 

Name Badge
A badge is required for all scientific and social activities. You can not enter the meeting rooms without a badge. 

Certificate of Participation
Certificates of the participants registered to the congress will be given at the registration desk from 10 April 2020. 

Presentation Submission / Control Room
In order not to have any difficulties during your presentations, you need to prepare your CD removable memory in programs running under Microsoft Office and keep backups with you. Before your presentation, you should absolutely check your removable memory in the presentation delivery / control room so that no problems occur. Slide machines and overhead projectors will not be used in the halls during the congress. All lounges will have laptop computers and display devices. Presentations must be submitted on a portable memory. No presentation will be made from personal computers. You are required to submit your presentations to the slide room at least 2 hours before your session time so that presentations can be prepared for publication. 

Invitation Letter
An invitation letter will be sent on request to the participant who wants to participate in the meeting by taking permission from the institution. This letter is only intended to help the participant get permission from the institution to which they belong and will provide no financial support to the participant at the congress.