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Founded at the base of Uludağ, known as Olympos Mysios in antiquity, Bursa has been a witness to settlement since 5,000 BC. It's name in antiquity was Prussa ad Hypium. The periods of sovereignty of the Bitynias, Lydians, Persians, Roman, and Byzantines have been experienced in these lands where many tribes have settled. It is famous for its hammams and baths, which were adorned with architectural works during the Roman period and built on top of thermal waters.

Bursa, the city center of the province of Bursa, is one of Turkey's major metropolitan cities and its fourth most populated city. Bursa, which is one of the developed cities of Turkey in terms of the economy, also carries importance with its natural and historical riches. The reason for the existence of historical sites belonging to the founding period of the Ottoman Empire in Bursa is that Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Bursa stands out with its shopping centers, parks, museums, and bazaars. Furthermore, Bursa is also the second largest city of the Marmara region after Istanbul. It is one of the most important industrial cities of Turkey. The city is the second largest exporter after Istanbul.

Green Mosque and Tomb
Grand Mosque

Bursa was conquered by Orhan Bey in 1299. Today it a treasure trove of early Ottoman architectural works. Bursa city is crowned with a magnificent view of Uludağ. The length of Uludağ, which extends in a northwest-southeast direction, reaches 40 km. The width is 15-20 km. With its huge and imposing appearance, the slopes of this mountain facing Bursa are gradual and the sides facing Orhanelı to the south are flat and more vertical. Its highest point is Uludağtepe, located in the lakes region (2,543 m). When approaching Bursa from a distance and in the hotel area, the high peak seen is generally perceived as the peak

Irgandi Bridge

The historical center of its textiles, sericulture, spas, pools, Iskender kebab, candied chestnut, and winter tourism as well as the Bursa Automotive Sector Main and Subsidiary Institutions and Textile Sector Institutions are all identified with Uludağ.

Bursa is an important center in terms of the automotive sector.

Bursa Castle
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