Virtual Stand Areas
During the congress, the virtual stand area consisting of the companies in the sector will be open to the public

OTEKON Automotive Technology Congress is one of the most important events to bring together participants from automotive industry, academia and government.

OTEKON 2020’s exhibitors will have a lot of opportunities to meet the experts, engineers and decision makers from organizations, companies and academia. In the past decades, Türkiye has achieved remarkable growth and enhancements in automotive industry and has become one of the important automobile manufacturers.

OTEKON 2020 will provide fruitable possibility for exhibitors to represent their companies, organisations and products to international and national participants from automotive industry, organizations and academia.


All inquiries about stands and how to be an exhibitor must be submitted to the Congress Organization (BURKON) by March 30, 2021.

Contact :
For more information on becoming an exhibitor, please contact the Congress Organization (BURKON) using the details given below.

Burkon Tourism & Congress
E-mail . samet.basar@burkon.com
Phone . 444 9 443