General Information

Virtual Stand Areas
During the congress, the virtual stand area consisting of the companies in the sector will be open to the public. 

Congress Book
Full texts of the papers to be presented at the congress will be included in the congress book and it will be available on the OTEKON2020 web page and it will be downloaded free of charge. 

Certificate of Participation
Certificate of the participants registered to the congress will be given to participant from 06 September 2021. 

Presentation Submission
Presentations received before the Congress will be broadcasted from video recording. The speakers will be in the Q & A section online.

Burkon Tourism will contact you for your video presentations and test connection. Please mark the date you are eligible for the interview at the Appointment System Link. No later than 7 days before the Congress, your video recording must be sent to the address.

During the Test, we strongly request you being at the location and computer that you will use at the Congress. The password is defined on a computer and cannot be connected from another computer other than the computer being tested.